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Cheng Hsing Yao
Managing Director, Guocoland

Martin Modern Condo at Martin Place By Guocoland

Martin Modern Condo is located at the Junction of Martin Place and River Valley Close. It is the latest residential project developed by Guocoland Limited, an award-winning developer that has been listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange since 1978. Over the past two decades and a half, the Group has managed to sell 34 residential projects with a total of 9,000 units.

The Martin Modern condo is developed on a site area of 171,534.8 sq ft. It features two 30 story towers (North and South tower) comprising of 450 two to four units. Martin Modern is a residential project with up to 80% of the land specially designed for lush landscaping. This offers its residents a resort-like living style right at the heart of District 9.

Martin Modern is also strategically located close to three MRT stations; the upcoming Great World MRT station alongside the Thomson East Coast line. With its completion expected to end by 2021, Martin Modern residents are set to benefit a lot due to the convenience of the station considering that it is just five minutes away from the MRT station. The other two stations are Dhoby Gaut and Somerset.

Martin Modern condo is also surrounded by several amenities that include the P.S Café at Martin Road and the famous Man Coffee Roasters which is situated along the Martin road and opposite the Art Xchange Gallery.  Walking down the street, you will find a Book Café, various bars, restaurants, and bistros along the Singapore river that will make your life in the area enjoyable.

The Benefits Residents of Martin Modern Will Get Staying at River Valley Singapore

When looking for the best place to live, what do you usually take into consideration? Its no doubt that you prefer a home with proximity to several amenities, schools, and facilities. Well, look no more, Martin Modern Condo is the place that offers all to its residents with utmost convenience.

The neighbourhood is packed with everything you need to make your life comfortable and more relaxed. Think of schools, shopping malls, Golden village cinemas, MRT stations, ATMs, post boxes, banks, and medical centres.  These useful facilities make living at the Martin Modern Guocoland quite beneficial to its residents.

Here are some of the factors to enjoy staying at Martin Modern:

  1. Strategic Location of Martin Modern

The most significant factor that makes Martin Modern an excellent place to live in Singapore is its strategic location. It is situated at River Valley, an affluent district considered the central region of Singapore, making it easier for residents to access the city, museum, and Tanglin.

Besides, Martin Modern Guocoland is a few walking distances from local and international schools, shopping centres, entertainment points and 10 minutes’ drive to the CBD.  The place is a stone’s throw from Mohamed Sultan and Robertson Quay with several international cuisines and holes to choose from quickly.

So, if you want a mix of family life and leisure, then there is no doubt that Martin Modern Condo is the most appropriate place for you. Purchasing units from Martin Modern Guocoland mean, you will be treated to best things a neighbourhood can offer.

  1. Availability of Schools Near Martin Modern Condo

The education of your children is very significant considering that it secures their future. Furthermore, education is a basic need, and every parent should take the responsibility of providing high quality education. Martin Modern Guocoland boasts of the best schools in the central region of Singapore which include:

  • The River Valley Primary (350m away)
  • Anglo-Chinese Junior school
  • Zhangde Primary
  • Alexandra Primary
  • St. Margaret’s Primary
  • Chatsworth International school

Additionally, your toddlers can attend nearby kindergartens such as Little hands Montessori, PCF Tanjong Pagar and Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten. Do you have some teenagers who dream to study in the best universities in Singapore? Universities like Singapore Management University and the school of arts Singapore within reach from Martin Modern Condo will equip them with enough skills to transform their lives.

With several prominent local and international schools around Martin Modern Condo, parents living in the place are assured of high-quality education to their children. Furthermore, you will be able to save more money as a parent due to reduced transportation expenses since the schools are found a few distances away from the schools. The proximity also allows your children to get to school on time and arrive home early. This gives them plenty of time to do their assignments since they won’t be exhausted with hectic traffic as seen in other residential areas.

  1. Access to Plenty Amenities Near Martin Modern By Guoccoland

The proximity of amenities from your home is crucial to make your life easy and comfortable. In River valley and specifically Martin Modern Guocoland, you will get easy access to all facilities that are located within a minute’s walk.

Apart from schools, shopping centres are within proximity. Martin Modern is a few kilometres from the CBD and Orchard Road, the hub of shopping.  Other reputable shopping centres include; Orchard Central, Great World City and 313 @ Somerset. You can easily add your groceries stock at the Cold Storage place. At these shopping centres, you can get various types of products ranging from Japanese clothes, street brands, and other fashion options.

Do you love watching movies?  You can catch your favourite movie at the Golden Village Cinemas which is located at the famous Great World City not far away from Martin Modern Condo. Besides, spending good time with your kids along the river will enable them to scoot around or watch pet owners walking their dogs. With a Plethora of hotels within the neighbourhood serving tea and other delicacies, you won’t have a reason to spend time on an empty stomach.

Other shopping centres around the Martin Modern Condo include; FairPrice Finest and NTUC FairPrice.

  1. Brilliant Transport Network Around Martin Modern

What does convenience mean in a residential area? Well, an excellent transport network and proximity to amenities and facilities allow you to access nearly everything you need easily. Transportation within River Valley and specifically Martin Modern Guocoland is efficient, thanks to several existing and upcoming MRT stations like Great world MTT station.

These stations will make it easier for Martin Modern residents to access the CBD, shopping centres and even schools conveniently. If you love to use public means of transport, several bus services operating within the area will come handy, ensuring that you have a great time commuting. Whether you are travelling to the CBD for work or school, you will be there on time evading heavy traffic on your way.

Besides, private car owners in Martin Modern Condo will find it easier to access various parts of Singapore through expressways and important roads linking River Valley to other regions.  The presence of exceptional infrastructures like Zebra crossing and traffic lights ensures that you drive while considering road-safety skills.

  1. Martin Modern – Great Food Available

Martin Modern Condo is a place that offers more than laxity and easy access to several amenities and facilities. It also features four big hotels that serve residents with great food varieties that include; Japanese, Italian, Korean and Chinese cuisines.

With these great restaurants, you can spend all your evenings enjoying the best foods in the region. Football fanatics are treated with free screenings in these restaurants and bars with a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to enjoy cheering your favourite team. Besides, accessing your home is easy even after rewarding yourself with a bottle or two after a tiresome day.

  1. Kid-Friendly Places For Martin Modern

Do you love spending some quality with your kids? Kids love to play and make memories with their friends or parents as they grow up. It will make them happy, creative and full of self-esteem. When purchasing a home, you should choose one that is close to kid-friendly places.

For parents living in the Martin Modern Condo, there are places you can take your kids to play and relax after a long week of school work. There are three parks a few minutes from the home it includes; Istana, Fort Canning, and Pearl’s Hill Parks. Kids will undoubtedly experience memorable times at these parks.

  1. Beautiful Scenery Encompassing Martin Modern Condominium

Martin Modern is situated along the Singapore river that is famous for cycling, jogging and walking dogs. So, if you love to spend some time out during the evenings, then this is the most convenient place for you.

The green environment surrounding River valley region makes Martin Modern Guocoland an ideal place with a crisp, refreshing atmosphere. There is no doubt that Martin Modern Condo has one of the most tranquil environments to with your family.

Benefits of Nearby Shopping Centers to The Residents of Martin Modern Condo

Living in a place with proximity to shopping centres is a priority to most homeowners. It offers easy access to fresh groceries, clothes, furniture, cutlery and other items that make your life easy and comfortable. If you purchase a unit from Martin Modern Condo, you are guaranteed access to the unlimited supply of goods for your home.

Besides, these shopping centres are a walking distance from the Martin Modern Guocoland, meaning you won’t incur any travelling expenses.

Here are some of the shopping centres in the area:

  • Great World City
  • Orchard Central
  • 313@Somerset
  • Cold storage
  • FairPrice Finest
  • NTUC FairPrice

Reasons Why Properties in Core Central Region Are A Better Investment

Singapore is considered the world’s most expensive city with its properties being some of the most popular investments in the city. Furthermore, the location of your property in Singapore determines how fast the units will be purchased. The excellent location of Martin Modern Guocoland at the CCR makes it one of the best places to invest with guaranteed capital appreciation.

Here are some of the reasons why properties at the CCR are a better investment, unlike other regions in Singapore:


  1. The CCR is resistant to oversupply

Oversupply and the tightening of foreign worker quotas significantly reduced the number of potential tenants in several residential properties in Singapore. For instance, 2017 saw the increase of 26,000 new private properties in the market. The issue of oversupply affected most segments of the residential property market.

However, CCR suffered the least according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Martin Modern Guocoland is located in this region. Income from properties in the CCR declined by 3.8 per cent in 2017 while RCR and OCR saw declines of 5-5.6 per cent. It is much worse than the CCR.

The reason behind this is the difference in the property location. CCR properties are not affected by the unveiling of various market properties since their position makes them always in demand. For instance, the demand of Martin Modern Condo in River Valley along Singapore River will not be affected with the launch of over five new Condos in a place like Sengkang.

  1. Lack of Land

There is a limited supply of land that will significantly affect future prices and the capital gains of properties in that region. The lack of enough land has led to the increase in prices of properties in the Core Central Region (CCR). Just recently, the Development Sloane Court made a transaction price of S$1,616 per plot ratio.

Nicholas Mark, an executive director ZACD Group, confirmed that a newly built condo could take its place with a selling price of over S$2,500 per square foot. Furthermore, Martin Modern Condo is asking S$2,556 per square foot on average while Cairnhill Mansion is requesting S$2,101 per square foot when it is an en bloc purchase.

  1. Sturdy New Sales Completed Transactions

The Urban Redevelopment Authority indicated that there a total of 729-unit sales transactions during the first quarter of 2017, 1,171 in the second quarter and 1,470

In the third quarter of the Core Central Region. It represents an increase from the previous 619 recorded during the fourth quarter of 2016.

The number of private properties sold in Singapore by various developers during the first half of 2017 was at 6,388. However, for homes valued above S$5 million, the sales have increased significantly since 2014 according to reports from List Sotheby’s International Realty. The report shows that buyers of the properties came from overseas with over 50% of them bought by Malaysians, Indonesians and Chinese nationals.

  1. CCR Properties Are More Consistent Than Its Counterparts

A close comparison of properties located in the three major regions of Singapore, places the CCR at the top regarding location, the price of the property and consistency. In short, CCR properties are similar to the most established brand names in the residential property market. Although they are more priced compared to properties in other regions, they are highly valued and will correctly work as intended.

While on the other hand, properties located at RCR and OCR are more of a gamble. Surprisingly, condos in the Sengkang region will be relatively cheap compared to the ones in the River Valley such as Martin Modern Condo. So, what makes condos in Sengkang cheap and inconsistent?  If you do your research thoroughly, you will realise that such condos will have high chances of vacancy or lower yields if the area experiences oversupply.

For most property owners, condos in the CCR will be the safest investment unlike choosing the ones in other regions especially if they are in possession of holding power or enough capital. In short, CCR is usually too occupied to hold additional residential developments in the area. With high consistency in CCR, there is no doubt that purchasing units from Martin Modern Guocoland Are the best investment choice a property owner can make.

  1. A Limited Supply of Freehold Property

Generally, there is a limited supply of freehold property in Singapore. The Central Core Region (CCR) is the most prominent region compared to the other two areas of the country, which includes River Valley and District 9. If you can manage to buy a freehold property, be prepared for a price gap over leasehold that is currently at 15-20% to increase significantly.

6. The Concept of Shrinking Housing Allowances

There is a theory in the residential property industry that claims that RCR and OCR condos have more resistance to market downturns, unlike CCR condos. According to the theory, a majority of tenants living in private condos are expatriates. These expatriates are entitled to housing allowances to settle part of their rent payments.

When there is a market downturn, most companies usually scale back all expenses. It means the reduction of expat allowances which includes house allowances. In the long-run, some of these tenants will be forced to move from Core Central Regions like River Valley to cheaper areas in the Outside Central Region and Rest Central Region.

Ultimately, it means there will be few expatriates moving to these Condos while some will opt to move back home, hence putting downward pressure on all rental prices. A good example is during the peak of the Global Financial Crisis, a time when most companies have begun to impose extreme measures.

The move saw an increase in rental and residential properties by 10.3% in the first quarter at the OCR. While on the other hand, the prices of properties in RCR and OCR reduced by 6.5 to 7.2 per cent which is less than properties located in the OCR.

However, it doesn’t mean that the issue is as a result of shrinking house allowances, but it merely implies that the CCR market can take high pressure exerted from economic disasters. That said, you should not fear purchasing units from Martin Modern Guocoland.  It is the best investment decision you can make; you won’t regret.

  1. Excellent Location

The location of your condo will ultimately determine its price. If the property is situated in prime areas like Orchard area, Ardmore Park, Nassim Road, and Sentosa, then be prepared to dig deep into your pocket for a single unit. These places usually have expensive units and meant for wealthy foreigners. In return, you will acquire a property that is safe and situated in the most developed city in the whole world.

There are places near the mentioned prime areas that are popular for high rental yields and proper price appreciation. They include Tanjong Pagar, River Valley, Somerset, Cairnhill, Keppel Bay, The Marina Bay, Newton, and Novena.  Martin Modern Condo is located at River Valley, a place known for its growth potential.

There is no doubt that location is a determining factor when developing condos in Singapore. It ultimately determines the price of the residential property, the number of tenants purchasing units due to proximity to amenities and the rental income accrued every year.

  1. Access to Facilities

The entrance to services and goods makes Martin Modern Condo a better investment place due to the proximity to amenities such as schools, medical centres, restaurants, and recreational centres. You will get the best if you purchase units from this neighbourhood.

With the availability and accessibility of shopping centres, you will always have a fresh supply of your favourite fruits and vegetables in Martin Modern Condo. Most people are currently opting to live in CCR, due to proximity to amenities and the presence of great transportation networks that comprises of significant roads and MRT stations. Life is made easy, comfortable and full of fun in these regions.

  1. High Demand and Colossal Resale Value

It is a mere fact that the sale of condos and other properties in the Core Central Region is in high demand. In short, it means these properties have a tremendous resale value. According to the Property Management Company in Singapore, the resale value index of condos and private properties in the CCR increases annually at the rate of 1.8% while other regions experienced a decline. So, it makes properties in the Central Core Region such as Martin Modern Condo the most preferred for substantial investment returns.

10. Business Opportunities

The Central Core Region is ideal if you are looking for better business opportunities and jobs in Singapore. This is because many foreign workers and expatriates highly inhabit the place. You will be in a perfect position to do business when you purchase a unit in a place like Martin Modern Guocoland considering that you will live close to several companies, government agencies, and industry.


There are numerous benefits to enjoy if you purchase units from the Martin Modern Condo. Think of the amenities, schools, shopping centres, and other facilities. Make sure you book a unit today. It will allow you to enjoy easy access to anything you want to make you live a comfortable life.


Home Within A Botanical Garden

Redefining Condo Living by Guocoland
Mr Cheng Hsing Yao (Group Managing Director of GuocoLand Singapore) sums it up, “The hallmarks of a GuocoLand luxury property are great location, high quality and poetic ambience. Martin Modern bears all these characteristics and exudes a luxury that is sophisticated and liveable.”

Four-time President Design Award winning architect, Yip Yuen Hong envisioned Martin Modern with a majestic and grand arrival plaza, fifteen lush bontanical gardens, spacious and functional apartment layout each with exclusive views, and a unique design of architecture. It shall be a modern design that is elegant yet understated.   

Yip says “It might surprise you at first glance, and because of that, it compels you to want to take a second look, … it is about creating a timeless design that you grow to love more and more the longer you stay.”

Martin Modern is set to be an architectural icon in District 9 with it’s lush botanical gardens, avant-garde design that redefines and sets the new standard in luxury condo living.   

GuocoLand believes in design from the inside out: only using the best materials, designing truly livable living spaces: balancing form and function and making luxury living not just attractive but actually practical. 

right in the heart of district 9

With Revitalisation Comes Rising Value

Located in prestigious River Valley, Martin Modern is smack in the middle of an area bustling with exciting developments all around. Once a sleepy warehouse district, it is now a center of an incredible range of retail and dining establishments. Dazzling riverside eateries dot close by Robertson Quay with its stunning array of choices. Premier educational facilities are just minutes away and infrastructure construction is sprouting up in the area at a dizzying pace. All this makes homes in the area an enticing proposition as quality of life is elevated by increasing connectivity and development.

Superb Connectivity That’s getting even better by the day

Get Where You Need To Be The Way You Want

Martin Modern is linked by a wide array of transport options. From existing to upcoming MRT stations to close proximity to major roads and expressways, your commute will never require you to spend time navigating circuitous routes. Less time on the road means more time you can spend doing the things you love.

Image is not available
Great World City MRT
2 mins by car
5 mins by foot
Image is not available
Somerset MRT
3 mins by car
10 mins by foot
Image is not available
Fort Canning MRT
5 mins by car
15 mins by foot
Image is not available
Central Expressway (CTE)
Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)
3 mins to CTE
5 mins to AYE
Image is not available
Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)
East Coast Parkway (ECP)
7 mins to MCE
8 mins to ECP
Image is not available
Nicoll Highway
Changi Airport
6 mins to Nicoll Highway
24 mins to Changi Airport
Image is not available
Singapore River Promenade
2 mins by bike
Image is not available
Gardens By The Bay
20 mins by bike
Image is not available
East Coast Park
67 mins by bike
Image is not available
5 mins by car
15 mins by train
Part of Singapore’s Downtown Core, the CBD is Singapore’s business and financial hub.
Image is not available
3 mins by car
10 mins by foot
Known the world over for its world-class stores, it is synonymous with the best shopping, dining, and leisure.
Image is not available
2 mins by car
7 mins by foot
Filled to the brim with possibilities, from drinking to dining to watching the latest plays.
Image is not available
5 mins by car
15 mins by train
The premium leisure extension of Singapore’s financial and business district is filled with round-the-clock activities and branded boutiques.
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